We have chosen natural dyes that are of the highest wash and light fastness. As the beauty of the natural world is ephemeral, fading and color loss will occur over time. To extend the life of your garment please keep away from excessive direct sunlight, citric juice and vinegar as it can bleach. Spot clean with pH neutral soap (Marseille soap, Ivory soap, Tide All Clear). Spot test in a discreet place before applying heavy amounts of detergent. Air dry away from sunlight and iron with warm iron using a pressing cloth.

ke/ra cloth believes in transformation and extending the life of garments.  In support of this commitment we are offering buyers the opportunity to refresh their ke/ra jacket with Indigo.  After 1 year of owning your unique piece you can send your jacket back to ke/ra cloth to be overdyed in an indigo vat from light to medium shades.  

Please contact us for a color consultation as the colors of your jacket will affect the final color once overdyed in Indigo.  This is a free service, shipping costs are however the responsibility of the shipper.